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CLEANFIX Launches Intelligent New Hydraulic Cooling Fans

10 Sep 2023

The new CLEANFIX® hydraulic cooling fan with the CLEANFIX® Smart-Seal SystemCLEANFIX® North America Ltd. announced the launch of its intelligent new hydraulic cooling fans used in a wide range of agricultural, forestry, construction, waste and recycling equipment to prevent problems associated with overheating and inefficiency of the engine. The key benefits to customers are more power on the PTO shaft and on the wheels, fuel savings, and noise reduction as engine speed can be reduced. Ben Haegele, CEO of CLEANFIX® North America Ltd.: “We invested a lot in research and development and are very pleased to add the hydraulic equivalents of our successful reversible fan series to our existing product offer.” He added that the complete range of reversible fans (from 320mm to 1300mm) is now available as a hydraulic version.

CLEANFIX® now offers the standard reversing fan with hydraulic actuation (HSCSeries) in addition to the standard reversing function, the thermal-controlled variable blade pitch controlled fan (HVP-Series with wax elements) plus a fully electronically controlled CLEANFIX®-Hytronic fan (HT-Series). The latter controls the exact blade angle and thus the cooling performance by using CAN bus or the CLEANFIX® electronics with an integrated Hall sensor. CLEANFIX® electronics can also be replaced by the vehicle or engine electronics. Customer support is provided by the experienced team of CLEANFIX®’ engineers and its global partners during the installation process. With regards to the many control and switching cycles of the engine, special attention was paid to the longevity of the fans.

A revolution that leaves no tracks!

Keeping the system free of leaks in particular at high speeds, high temperatures and pressures up to 50bar is a challenge that the CLEANFIX® Smart-Seal System (patented) meets in the new reversible fans. This intelligent sealing system ensures maximum operating safety through the new integrated leakage oil recirculation - both for the piston seal as well as for the rotary intake. Thus, the CLEANFIX® system remains tight should leakage occur.

The comparison is worthwhile!

The CLEANFIX® reversible fans promise maximum efficiency. To reach this objective, the control range has been extended downwards and upwards in recent years. For CLEANFIX® customers, this means that either more fuel is saved or that the air flow rate is further increased.

Many comparative measurements of customers and manufacturers as well as tests by independent institutes, such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), certify that the CLEANFIX® reversible fans save up to 30% of the drive power in comparison to electronically controlled standard viscous fans while delivering the same cooling capacity. This can be very easily measured for tractors equipped with a dynamometer. Another focus was on small installation space and minimum weight. 

Maximum customer orientation!

CLEANFIX® always offers the right solution, no matter how complex and diverse the demands of off-highway vehicles. For all regulation and control requirements there either is the thermostatic control, an electro-pneumatic or an electronic-hydraulic solution. Whether the customer wants to activate the cleaning mode by pressing a button or at timed intervals, CLEANFIX® will have the best solution. But innovative products alone are not enough. Absolute customer satisfaction and perfect service are part of the CLEANFIX® philosophy. Its worldwide sales, manufacturing, and service network speaks for itself.



CLEANFIX® was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of Haegele GmbH, a German agricultural engineering specialist. CLEANFIX® manufactures reversible fans that are used in a wide range of agricultural, forestry, construction, waste and recycling equipment to prevent problems associated with overheating. Their unique multi-patented design has won several prestigious industry awards and customer loyalty. CLEANFIX® North America Ltd. is headquartered in Stratford, Ontario/Canada. For more information about CLEANFIX® Reversible Fans call Toll Free +1.855.738.3267 or +1.519.275.2808, email:, or visit


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