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ClearSpan’s Dairy Building Comes in 3 Styles

10 Sep 2023

imageClearSpan Fabric Structures’ latest Dairy Building creates a well-ventilated environment that can be utilized year-round for milking and cattle housing. The design presents a versatile interior without any support posts, allowing for easy maneuverability of cattle and machinery within the structure.

The sidewalls feature motorized curtains that are thermostatically controlled, providing for easy ventilation and effortless climate control. In addition to the sidewalls, the building contains a covered ridge vent that provides natural ventilation throughout the year.

Fabric end walls utilize motorized and manual roll-up doors to provide cattle and vehicles easy access in and out of the building. The Dairy Building comes in three styles—Pack Barn, Free Stall and Calf Building—enabling farmers to pick the size and style that best fits their operation. The structures are available in stock buildings as large as 120 ft. wide by 250 ft. long, but can also be custom designed to suit any operation.

Each building is constructed with a triple-galvanized, corrosion-resistant steel frame and covered by 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric, which is UV resistant and allows for an abundance of natural light. All Dairy Buildings include an industry-leading 50-year warranty on the frame and 20-year warranty on the fabric covering.


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