10 Sep 2023

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., July 14, 2020 -- ClearSpan Structures unveiled their new commercial building rental offering today. Previously, the company's structures were only available for purchase, but now customers can utilize ClearSpan's famed fabric structures on a temporary basis.

"ClearSpan is expanding into rental building options due to high demand for short-term storage and enclosure solutions," said Geoff Ching, director of sales for ClearSpan. "Our high-volume manufacturing capacity, along with an extensive network of installers, gives ClearSpan the flexibility to offer rental solutions, while continuing to expand permanent metal- and fabric-clad structures."

The structures will be rented on a monthly basis, so they are the perfect option for operations that need temporary support for both short- and long-term projects. Operations, businesses and institutions, like schools and universities, can benefit from keeping the building for as long as they need without overpaying.

The commercial building for rent will be available in 30', 45' and 60' widths, and they can be built as long as 500'. The wide range in size makes these buildings the ideal solution for a variety of commercial, industrial and educational applications. These commercial rental buildings can also be customized with accessories, like HVAC, lighting, flooring, offices, classrooms, restrooms, racking and much more, so operations can get a structure to meet their exact needs.

The versatility and ability to customize makes these structures useful across dozens of industries and applications. They are great for universities, construction, warehousing, medical facilities, schools, athletics, aviation, events, mining and much more. ClearSpan also has experience working with companies and municipalities to create custom COVID-19 solutions, so these buildings can be used for a wide range of pandemic response needs.

"ClearSpan rental buildings offer the strength and industry-leading durability, combined with the flexibility to serve short-term needs," stated Ching. "Extreme weather can occur in any season, and ClearSpan customers can have the peace of mind that their buildings will withstand even the harshest elements."

Although they are rental structures, ClearSpan's customers can rent a building of the highest quality. Each building features ClearSpan's ultra-strong, I-beam frame and are covered with ClearSpan's energy-efficient fabric cover, which compliments any application. The covers allow natural light to filter through, creating a well-lit environment that is easy on the eyes and free of shadows. With these covers, operations don't need artificial lighting during the day, so they can save significantly on a monthly basis. The covers are also climate sensitive, so they promote a more comfortable environment no matter the climate or weather.

"Our unparalleled service and responsiveness will provide timely solutions and partner with customers through target industries," said Ching. "ClearSpan expects our rental building solutions to gain immediate traction and help many customers through the remainder of 2020 and into the future."

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SOURCE ClearSpan Structures


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