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CNH and Intelsat Forge Partnership to Expand Network Connectivity

29 Apr 2024

CNH (NYSE: CNHI) has teamed up with Intelsat, a provider of integrated satellite and terrestrial communication networks, to deliver enhanced connectivity options to farmers. This collaboration introduces a satellite communications (SATCOM) service, ensuring seamless internet access for farmers, even in remote locations. Under a new memorandum of understanding, Intelsat will deploy its expertise in multi-orbit internet access to empower CNH equipment operating in challenging environments across agricultural landscapes.

With over 60 years of SATCOM proficiency, Intelsat offers unparalleled coverage through geosynchronous and low-Earth orbits, catering to Case IH, Steyr, and New Holland customers. Leveraging industrial-grade terminals known for their resilience in demanding sectors such as the military and aviation, farmers can now access rigorously tested satellite terminals designed to withstand the rigors of farming activities, including extreme weather conditions, vibration and shock.

Initially launching in the second half of 2024 in Brazil, where the rural connectivity Indicator by ConectarAgro revealed limited high-speed internet access in agricultural areas, this service will be facilitated by Case IH and New Holland dealers. Customers can expect seamless installation and support for Intelsat's hardware and service activation. Future plans include expanding this collaboration to the United States, Australia and beyond.

Internet connectivity serves as the backbone of precision agriculture, facilitating enhanced productivity and yield. With intelligent machines from Case IH, STEYR and New Holland seamlessly communicating and coordinating tasks while interfacing with cloud-based platforms, farmers receive real-time data exchange and precise instructions. While CNH's global mobile virtual network addresses connectivity needs for many customers, existing cellular infrastructure falls short of providing ubiquitous coverage. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, less than one-third of the world's surface has access to mobile network coverage, underscoring the significance of initiatives like this collaboration between CNH and Intelsat.


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