CurseBuster® Applications

27 Jul 2023

Tillage-Seedbed Preparation/Manure Application

How many field operations do you want to combine into one pass? Dan runs CurseBuster to weed, mulch the surface, fracture soil up to 11 inches deep for large root system development, apply seed and “incorporate” dairy manure (not bury it). Optional rear hitch pulls the grain drill or corn planter when he wants. You can do this while building the fungal population in your soils.

Weed Control/Cultivation/Crimping 

This tool is the fit for rolled down cover cropping that produces crop root systems that are unmatched. Plant green, then till to 9 inches and improve emergence, never move a seed. You want to try legume living mulch corn, this is the only way to succeed. Watch Active Carbon levels soar because the soil can breathe deeply and plants can build extensive root masses. The way in which the roller speed is controlled by the Eagle Tine design, wrapping is never a problem even in vines. The adjustability of the rotary harrow system permits removal of small weeds and non disturbance of the cover crop root system thereby preserving the allelopathic and/or synergistic influences of cover and companion crops.

Soil Air & Water Management-Classic Aeration 

Soil Health advancement happens fastest with perennial crops in the rotation. These crops need to regrow roots every year to stay vigorously productive above and below ground. Properly timed “cultivation” that relieves compaction and the macro pore clogging of silt soil particles is needed.


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