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Dougherty Forestry Introduces The Ultimate Skid Steer Tree Clearing Attachment

10 Sep 2023

imageThe New RT3400 Turbo Saw hydraulic rotator allows the operator to rotate the cutting disc from horizontal to vertical at the touch of a button. A hidden cylinder rotates the head and locks it into position. The pivot mechanism is precision machined and heat treated for durability. A wiring harness and waterproof buttons are included to operate the rotate feature (an 8 pin or 14 pin external plug is available).


New Features include:

  • TS3 Cutting System
  • 12% Larger Motor
  • Bigger Bearing Package
  • Positive Pressure Rotating Valve
  • 13% Bigger Blade (34” with 16 Teeth)
  • Diesel Compatible Sprayer Pump
  • Brass Sprayer Tips & Fittings
  • No Grease Zerk Rotate Design
  • Easy Access Panels for Service


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