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E TIP Universal Preheater: Prevent Cold Weather Hassles with Peel n Stick Technology for Gate Openers and Diesel Fuel Filters

16 Nov 2023

Can E TIP, Inc.’s Universal Preheater save the day?

It was a bitterly cold early winter day...the first really cold day. The farmer was surprised when the gate to the pasture did not open. He pressed the switch again. It made noise but no action.

During the summer, several farm hands had been talking about the new electric gate opener for the pasture. Just hit the switch and the gate opens,” the farm hands said. They appreciated the action all summer and fall when time after time they entered and left the pasture—just hit the switch and the gate opened and closed.

All of this convenience was driven by the new electric motor and the gear box. Until the first frosty winter day it refused to open.

Neighborly advice followed

Our farmer customer called us and described how he learned about our Peel n Stick” Universal Preheaters from his neighbors; conversations had been buzzing at the local coffee shop and their experience and descriptions about the Universal Preheater prompted him to call and to place his order.

Using a permanent adhesive, these Peel n Stick” Preheaters mount to the outside of the metal tank or housing quickly and easily.

We asked the farmer to describe the contents and quantity of the fluid and the physical dimensions of the housing itself, including the type and thickness of the metal for the gate opener tank. Using these specs and the voltage service available we recommended the Preheater needed. Not long after that first call, he decided to place his order. We shipped right away.

After the easy install of the new Preheater on the outside of the housing, he called us back and expressed his thanks and appreciation for the solution we provided. Further he described how each of his men warmly congratulated and thanked him because now the summer-like operation of the pasture gate continued even in the cold weather because of the new Preheater. Push the switch and the gate opens. That gate was no longer the problem it had been earlier in winter.

E TIP’s heat, permanently applied

The Peel n Stick” Universal Preheater permanently mounts on the outside bottom or the side (below the level of the contents inside) of the gear box housing and converts the metal of the housing itself into an actual heat transfer element. Heat spreads quickly through the metal housing heating the lube and keeping everything operating year-round like summertime.

Tip: E TIP suggests when first mounting a Preheater that it be installed in such a way to leave room to mount another Preheater to further improve cold weather operations.

E TIP’s also known for its filter Preheaters for Bulk Tank diesel fuel storage filters and for equipment and vehicle diesel fuel filters—they stop diesel fuel gelling and avoid cold weather problems.

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