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Harvest International Ultraplant Planter Bars Designed for High Speed Planting

10 Sep 2023


Iowa-based Harvest International Inc. has released its new family of patented custom Ultraplant planter bars designed in consultation with Precision Planting dealers to meet the rigors of high speed planting.

Available in 20’, 30’, 40’, 44’ and 60’ models, the Ultraplant features adjustable row unit spacing of 15”, 20”, 22” and 30” all available on the same bar design. Other features include a “Narrow Front Fold” system with “Grab & Go” latch system and adjustable wheel units equipped with bar tread MuckMaster transport tires that have excellent stubble damage resistance.

Ultraplant planter bars include an internal vacuum/air passageway for unit cleaning and come hydraulically plumbed for Precision Planting technology. The Ultraplant is adaptable for either central filling or individual seed box delivery.


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