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Heat Smart Plus Inc, The Long Time Distributor For Portage And Main Outdoor Boilers, Is Proud To Announce The Addition Of The Polar Furnace Brand To Their Range

10 Sep 2023


Prince Albert, Sask. — Portage and Main offers the Ultimizer Line featuring dry bottom construction, multi-pass heat exchanger and shaker grate for coal burning, saving you 1/3 to 1/2 the wood of conventional wood burners. The EGR Gasification line uses even less wood. They also offer two lines of automated burning boilers. One burns pellets and coal and the other burns woodchips, both fully automatic with a variety of biomass material; such as any pelletized fuel, sawdust, coffee grindings, cherry pits, and sunflower hulls in their natural state. Although the chip burners prefer a diet of wood chips, green or dry (never rained on), they can also be fed other biomass such as chopped corn stocks or hemp/ marijuana waste stocks, along with all of what the pellet and coal automatic fed units can burn.

With the Polar addition, Heat Smart Plus Inc. now distributes the boiler industries leader in innovation and efficiency. Polar began its development in 2008 with sale to the general public in 2011. The Polar design uses 7 industry firsts, 4 of which are still only used by Polar, allowing in some cases more than a 60% savings on wood with no smoke. All Polar G-Class models meet EPA emission standards of 2015 and the G2 Plus has met the 2020 standard since it was introduced. It is currently the only North American made cordwood furnace, EPA 2020 approved, with clean and simple wood burning.

g-classIn the USA Heat Smart Plus Inc. has continued the relationship originally developed by Polar with Ultimate Outdoor Furnace LLC of Stewartville, MN. As such, we are continuing to look for dealers that have strong customer oriented values with alternative energy incite and desire to represent the best outdoor furnaces available.

We promote outdoor boiler/furnaces and hydronic heaters as a lifestyle choice for those who want to be one step closer to energy independence. With just one unit you can heat a home/business and a shop or one may want to be food independent and heat a green house or chicken house. Many great opportunities for those who want to save while reducing their carbon footprint.

A tree is really solar energy stored in wood, eliminating the need to burn fossil. With a little work and planning, an individual will feel quite satisfied with knowing that their heating needs are going to be looked after with the shed full of seasoned wood on hand.



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