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A "Helping Hand" For Zero-Turn Mowers

10 Sep 2023


Getting on and off zero-turn riding mowers can be tricky, our support bar known as the DONBAR makes it easier for operators of all ages.

Originally developed to aid our father who was struggling with Parkinson's disease, the bar gave him the needed stability to get on and off his zero turn mower, allowing him years of enjoyment, being able to get out and continue to mow his own lawn.

From a professional mowers point of view, use of the DONBAR reduces fatigue from climbing off & on the mower each time you need to move a hose, sprinkler or debris. An additional benefit is on those early mornings that bring a bit of moisture, having the additional point of contact helps the operator to avoid slipping on the wet grass. The DONBAR works just like a handrail, giving an extra point of contact for better balance and stability.

The DONBAR mounts directly to the footplate of a zero-turn mower. It uses existing deck holes (some applications require additional drilling) and attaches with lock nuts that resist loosening under vibration and torque.

Priced at $94.95 plus shipping and can be ordered online at:


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