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Hiniker Releases New Row Crop Cultivator, Ammonia Knife Monitor

10 Sep 2023

imageHiniker’s new 6000 Row Crop Cultivator provides quick and effective weed control in any type of tillage program, including organic operations.  The unique 3-piece sweep ensures thorough cultivation with minimal soil movement into the row, permitting operation at much higher speeds than with conventional cultivators.  Quick, no-wrench adjustments and the highest toolbar clearance in the industry allow the cultivator to be easily tailored to existing field conditions. 

The Hiniker 6000 is available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the needs of almost any operation.  Rigid toolbar specifications range from 4-row configurations to 10-row configurations, with folding toolbar specifications ranging from 8-row to 18-row configurations.  Individual row units may also be ordered for use on wider third-party toolbars.

The chrome carbide point and double-sided 1095 steel shares provide unmatched durability and allow for high speed operation without slabs and buried crops common to traditional sweep cultivators. Oscillating dual gauge wheels stay clean in muddy conditions while maintaining pinpoint depth control. Convenient lever adjustments allow for instant changes of all critical settings including sweep depth, coulter depth and down pressure. The four-step down pressure adjustment allows users to set down pressure quickly for tough, hard to penetrate soil conditions.  An auto-reset mechanism provides up to 10 inches of obstacle clearance for improved rock protection. 

Optional cutaway hoe shields provide gentle, up-close weeding while keeping crop damaging lumps and residue out of the row.  The open center design works in tall or short crops and has fully adjustable depth, width and angle settings. The hoe wheels can be set to move soil either into or away from the row.  Moderate ridging or soil movement into the row can be accomplished by placing the wheels behind the middleworker and directing the soil back into the row.image

A cutaway disc option features easy pin adjustments permitting 10 horizontal and 14 vertical settings. In addition to weed control, with ridging and bedding options the Hiniker 6000 is effective for a range of soil moving applications, including flood irrigation, ridge tillage and bedding cotton. Flip-down adjustable ridgers conform soil movement to your exact specifications. 


Nitro-Lert Monitor System

Detect blocked NH3 knives with Hiniker’s new Nitro-Lert anhydrous ammonia knife monitor. The free-standing system features an in-cab bar graph display that constantly monitors each manifold outlet for variations in flow rate, providing audible and visual alerts to the operator whenever a knife or a manifold outlet is plugged or partially blocked.  The Nitro-Lert system does not interact or interfere with existing rate control systems. Sensors can be added to monitor up to 80 individual outlets.


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