Introducing The Model CS9030 Sidehill Leveling System For Flagship 7250/8250/9250 Case IH Axial-Flow Combines

19 Nov 2019

Hillco Technologies would like to introduce the model CS9030 Sidehill Leveling System for Flagship 7250/8250/9250 Case IH Axial- Flow Combines. This system allows farmers who operate in steep terrain to increase yield potential and reduce harvest time resulting in less separator hour, maximizing farm income.

imageThe Hillco CS9030 is an add-on that mounts to the undercarriage of the combine allowing the combine to stay level on hills up to 18% slope. Key features of this new product include electro/hydraulic lateral header tilt control that integrates with Terrain Tracker electronics and 18% slope compensation. Cab controls on a LCD display allow fingertip access to all leveling functions and the system uses original Case IH drivetrain components, compatible with either factory single or dual drive tires.

The CS9030 complements Hillco's existing product line of Leveling Systems for Case-IH combines. Hillco has designed the CS9030 to provide up to 18% slope compensation for terrain that doesn't require the severe slope compensation provided by Hillco's Hillside Leveling System Models and at a lower price tag.

Hillco Technologies specializes in developing after-market performance improvement products for today's combines and beginning in the early 90's, developed the first after-market, bolt-on, combine leveling systems. Our location, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest puts us in the midst of some of the steepest farm ground found anywhere in the world and provides us with the ultimate test ground for our new generation leveling systems. We also produce numerous other aftermarket products that help today's farmers stay competitive in the race to produce lower cost, higher quality commodities. Our product and geographical market diversity gives us the stability to continue our heritage of developing specialty products for the unique challenges faced by the world's farmers.




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