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John Deere Opens Nationwide Search for Chief Tractor Officer

16 Apr 2024

It's more than just a career move; it's a thrilling influencer journey! John Deere, in collaboration with NFL quarterback Brock Purdy, has embarked on a mission to find its inaugural Chief Tractor Officer (CTO) — a content creator poised to showcase the essence of the iconic American brand, spotlighting farmers, contractors, groundskeepers and loyal brand enthusiasts.

Envision yourself in some of the world’s most popular stadiums, documenting the precision of outfield striping. Or picture yourself amidst the scenery of Yellowstone National Park, portraying a comprehensive narrative of a day dedicated to the maintenance of America's most scenic roads. This encapsulates the daily undertaking awaiting the aspiring Chief Tractor Officer.

“Behind every part of our daily lives — from your breakfast, to your clothes, to the roads you drive on — there are unsung heroes behind the scenes with a story to tell,” said Jen Hartmann, global director of strategic public relations and enterprise social media. “The role of the Chief Tractor Officer isn’t just about creating content, it’s about creating compelling stories about the people and industries supporting all of us.” 

To apply for this position, candidates must submit a video pitch showcasing their ingenuity, humor and unwavering passion for the role. They are further encouraged to share their entries on TikTok and/or Instagram, tagging @JohnDeere for consideration.


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