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John Deere Premium Round Balers Now B-Wrap Ready

10 Sep 2023

John Deere 469 Premium and 569 Premium Round Balers can now apply B-Wrap, giving bales premium protection from rain, snow, and ground moisture. New for 2015, John Deere has combined high-performance round baling with high-performance bale protection.  That’s because John Deere 469 Premium and 569 Premium Round Balers can now apply B-Wrap, the alternative to indoor storage. 

“The Premium Round Balers are designed for customers who make thousands of bales each year,” says Louis Fernandez, senior marketing representative for John Deere Ottumwa Works. “These Premium Balers are not only designed with stronger chains, larger shafts and bearings, and more robust pickups, they also feature Tractor Baler Automation (TBA). And, with TBA, the baler can electronically communicate with newer John Deere tractors to help speed baling and prevent many typical operator errors.”

This baler automation now also interfaces perfectly with B-Wrap. B-Wrap comes in rolls just like net wrap, and is rolled onto round bales just like regular netwrap. "But B-Wrap protects bales much better than netwrap," says Fernandez. “It significantly reduces storage losses, helping maintain nutrient quality of the bale, especially in bales stored outdoors over winter."

B-Wrap protects bales with a patented material that features Tama SCM Technology™. This material sheds rain and snow, and helps protect bales from ground moisture. Plus, Tama SCM Technology has microscopic pores that allow water vapor inside the bales to escape.

"Balers outfitted for B-Wrap can switch between netwrap and B-Wrap in just a few minutes simply by pushing a button on the monitor and switching the rolls on the baler," notes Fernandez. "For the 2015 model year, Premium Balers will ship with a sample roll of both John Deere CoverEdge Netwrap and John Deere B-Wrap.”

John Deere Premium Balers manufactured before model year 2015 can be made B-Wrap-compatible with a simple dealer-installed kit.

John Deere B-Wrap was jointly developed by John Deere Ottumwa Works and Tama Plastic Industry, a world leader in crop packaging and wrapping systems based in Israel. For more information about John Deere B-Wrap, or John Deere 9-Series Premium Round Balers, see your local John Deere dealer or visit


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