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John Deere Releases New, Comprehensive Tools to Manage Machine and Agronomic Data

10 Sep 2023

imageJohn Deere introduces the MyJohnDeere Operations Center with intuitive, easy-to-use tools for customers to manage their machinery and develop agronomic insights. Data can be uploaded securely using backup tools or, right from the field using JDLink™, and the platform is open, allowing seamless sharing to trusted advisors.

“The MyJohnDeere Operations Center provides customers with tools to improve machine uptime, logistics management, and agronomic analysis in a secure, accessible way,” says Chris Batdorf, product marketing manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “The customer is in control of the data and can share with dealers, crop consultants, and anyone in their network of trusted advisers; securely, from any Internet-enabled device.” 

Innovative tools such as Field Analyzer and Difference Maps help customers gain insight into their operations for improved decision-making to increase yields, optimize costs, and manage risk.

“Farm management is extremely complex for producers and requires alignment and coordination of people, equipment, inputs, and assets,” explains Batdorf. “That’s why we are collaborating with many manufacturers and service providers so they can integrate with the Operations Center. This open platform will then provide customers with a complete and comprehensive solution for their data management needs.” 

The Operations Center will continue to evolve with new and improved tools with the customer’s needs in mind. The overall goal is increased productivity and efficiency for the entire farm operation.

“The Operations Center allows producers to collect data in a secure place, access it more readily, and use tools to gain insights from that data, either on their own or using a trusted advisor; from anywhere at any time, through the entire farming cycle,” concludes Batdorf.     

Some of the many current tools on the Operations Center are Field Analyzer, online Documentation Analysis and Reporting tool, and Data Sharing, with additional tools added frequently. 

For more information, visit, or contact your local John Deere dealer.

Photo Captions: The MyJohnDeere Operations Center allows simple and easy access to machinery and agronomic data that a producer can use to improve overall farm operations.   


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