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John Deere Update S-Series Combines for 2016

10 Sep 2023

imageJohn Deere is making some significant improvements starting with the workhorse of its grain harvesting equipment – the S-Series Combine. Internally, customers will notice a 12 percent larger cleaning sieve and a new shoe drive system with a beefed up, wider belt with double the tensile strength and durability.

In shoe-limited conditions this new Dyna-Flow™ Plus cleaning system increases combine capacity up to 10 percent in corn and 13 percent in wheat and canola and reduces tailings as much as 28 percent. The combines are designed with stronger internal bearings, pulleys, and support structure for increased durability and uptime.

In addition, John Deere is making Active Terrain Adjustment™ available as a factory-installed option for all 2016 models of S-Series Combines. Active Terrain Adjustment automatically controls the fan speed and sieve/chaffer openings as the combine travels up and down hilly terrain.

To improve accuracy and reliability of yield data collected during harvest, John Deere introduces Active Yield with automated calibration. This feature greatly reduces the time operators spend calibrating the yield monitor and provides more accurate yield data from field to field. Active Yield is available as a field-installed attachment for 2016 S-Series Combines and is compatible with earlier model S-Series machines.

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