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LAFORGE FLEXIMASS Ballasting System Now Manufactured In USA

10 Sep 2023

imageThe FLEXIMASS® by LAFORGE is a patented ballasting system that is maily designed for the rear 3-point hitch, but can also be used on a front 3-point hitch in situations where a great deal of weight is required. The FLEXIMEASS system is designed to replace wheel weights with a more efficient system that is also easy to attaché and detach. The FLEXIMASS system will be manufactured in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Advantages of the FLEXIMASS system compared to wheel weight include:

  • New tools and shorter time required for attaching and detaching FLEXIMASS
  • The FLEXIMASS system is more efficient because this system is carried behind, or in front of, the wheel axle
  • The weights are stationary
  • Eliminating wheel weights will improve tire performance and put less stress on transmission, differentials, and brakes

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