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Landus Cooperative's AcreEdge Seed Brand Gears Up for 2018

10 Sep 2023


AMES, Iowa (Aug. 17, 2017)—Growers in more than 26 Iowa and Minnesota counties are seeing field signs with a new brand name at end of soybean rows: AcreEdgeTM seed from Landus Cooperative®. This harvest marks the first full season for Landus Cooperative's recently rebranded soybean line-up, AcreEdge. Landus Cooperative is the only farmer-owned cooperative in the United States licensed to offer branded, Monsanto traits.

Rebranded from "FC Soybeans" last spring, AcreEdge is a geographically-targeted soybean seed brand bred specifically for results in the fields of Landus Cooperative's local members and customers.

Last year, nearly 40 demonstration plots were managed by Landus Cooperative agronomists in conjunction with farmer-members across Iowa. In those trials, eight varieties of AcreEdge soybeans yielded 69.6 bushels per acre outpacing Asgrow, Stine and Pioneer last fall. Last fall's yield results and the 2018 product offering guide are available online here.

"Via our AcreEdge soybean seed brand, we offer value by being the direct link to cutting-edge soybean seed genetics and in-plant traits for our farmer-members," explained Todd Claussen, director of strategic agronomy marketing at Landus Cooperative. "We select varieties based on local soils, environments and management practices because we know our customers."

The cooperative is the only farmer-owned agronomy retailer to sell branded seed with Monsanto-licensed traits. Now, the company is reintroducing the 30 year-old brand of trusted local genetics with proven yield results in newly designed bags with a new logo.

"No other cooperative, or agronomy retailer for that matter, touches every step in the soybean supply chain like Landus Cooperative," explained Brett Bell, chief operating officer who oversees grain and agronomy operations for Landus Cooperative.

"With AcreEdge, your seed is your success," added Bell alluding to the product tagline. "We select genetics for the seed our farmer-members put in the ground, buy those soybeans back from them at harvest, and then process them into a value-added global branded dairy feed product which enhances patronage opportunities for all cooperative members."

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