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M Delvoo Mfg LTD. Introducing Roto Mud Scrapers

10 Sep 2023

imageOur rotating mud scrapers do a superior job of cleaning your packer wheels to help maintain a consistent seed depth. The larger the packer wheel gets with mud build up the shallower the seed/fertilizer is placed in the soil. This results in both fertilizer loss into the atmosphere and loss of yield due to poor emergence.

The use of our Roto Mud Scrapers also reduces the amount of seed that sticks to the muddy packer wheels, and there is no more need to reduce air pressure in your packer wheels to shed mud. This also helps reduce tire damage.

You will be able to Seed earlier in the spring and beat the July heat on the flowering canola. An earlier crop may beat the fall frost. You will also be able to Seed earlier in the morning, later in the day, and sooner after a rain, as well as closer to all your wet areas.


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