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Mahindra Aids Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort By Donating 5 Roxor Off-road Vehicles To Sandals Foundation

10 Sep 2023

Auburn Hills — In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which devastated large portions of the Bahamian Island chain earlier this month, Mahindra Automotive North America has donated five heavy-duty ROXOR off-road vehicles to aid the islands in recovery, clean-up, and re-building.

Mahindra Automotive North America employees pictured with the five ROXORs being sent to the Bahamas to aid in the Hurricane Dorian relief effort.

The vehicles were delivered by way of the Miami-based Tropicars to the Sandals Foundation in Jamaica—a non-profit organization that, for the past decade, has been dedicated to uplifting and empowering Caribbean communities. Already well-established and philanthropically embedded in the region, the Sandals Foundation proved a clear choice to ensure the donated vehicles were deployed efficiently and effectively for those in need.

The five ROXOR vehicles donated by Mahindra are specially outfitted to manage the difficult conditions on the ground. All five vehicles delivered are fitted with hard-tops and ultra-durable Kenda tires that will help the vehicles navigate through high-debris areas. Additionally, these ROXORs are equipped with key accessories like winches, pintle hitches and light bars to ensure the vehicles can handle all kinds of heavy-duty chores.

Rick Haas, Mahindra Automotive North America CEO, said: "This is what Mahindra's RISE philosophy means: seeing a community in trouble and providing help. We feel our vehicles are especially suited for this kind of dangerous, rugged environment and I can't think of a better way to put them into service than by helping the Bahamian people through what has been a truly horrific tragedy."



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