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Marshall Tree Saw Now with Smaller Cylinder, More Ground Clearance

10 Sep 2023

imageMarshall Tree Saw introduces new 6-inch diameter cylinders to provide more ground clearance than before. These new smaller cylinders offer owners in areas with rocky soil conditions better clearance than ever.

These new cylinders provide the same cutting power you expect of the Marshall Tree Saw when you’re cutting trees, stumps, or brush. With over 70,000lbs of cutting force at 3000 psi you would be hard pressed to find something similar at Marshall’s affordable price.

The new brush guard accessory protects the cylinders and hoses while cutting, pushing, piling, and stacking cut trees and brush. This is another feature of this machine that eliminates the need for additional tools in cleaning up your downed trees.

An experienced operator can expect to clear hundreds of trees an hour—depending on trunk size and operating terrain—using the Marshall Tree Saw. With its ability to cut at or below ground level, the saw leaves no stumps to grind. An optional integrated or add-on sprayer systems for applying herbicide will prevent re-growth.

The Marshall Tree Saw is designed to function as an attachment to any commercially available skid steer. With an operation capacity of 2000-2500 pounds, it does not require High-Flow.

The slow rotating, non-spinning blade is made of three-eighths inch high carbon, abrasion-resistant AR-400 steel that is unaffected by dirt, sand, and rock when cutting.

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