The M&M Hydra Saw Is The Newest Cutter Available From Weber

10 Sep 2023

The M&M Hydra Saw is the newest cutter available from Weber Manufacturing. This saw features true flush-to-the-ground cutting and a rotational head for trimming limbs or may be used as a stump grinder as well. The saw has a chemical spray system that includes a stainless steel tank that will resist rusting for years and a spray pump capable of spraying diesel fuel that most pumps will not handle. It has a massive 42" custom ground blade with a new to the industry grade of carbide inserted tooth that is not afraid of the rocks. That has been a real problem with saws in the past so cost of operation over the life time of operation is reduced. It features a low speed, high torque motor for safety of operation and a massive blade spindle that makes it strong, safe, and will last a lifetime. With its extra large guard and extended reach, This cutter will handle almost any job that comes it's way. It weighs just over 1700 LBS so you know it is M&M quality and built to last.



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