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NCBA Assisting Cattle Producers in Maximizing Profitability

28 Feb 2024

A newly developed resource by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and CattleFax aids cattle producers in maximizing profitability from their culling decisions. It’s entitled “Right Way. Right Time. – A Guide to Cull Cattle Management.”

Through effective planning, cull cattle can become a significant source of revenue and should not be underestimated. Essentially, cull cattle are marketable assets. This new document addresses key problem areas, provides strategies for making timely culling decisions to prioritize animal welfare, and is designed to help producers capture more value through effective management regarding cull cattle.

“Cull animals can contribute significantly to the profitability of the ranch,” emphasized Dr. Trey Patterson, president/CEO of Padlock Ranch Company. “We spend extensive time and money adding replacement cattle to our herd, so it is imperative that we capture good value for cull cattle to offset these expenses.”

For cattle producers across the nation, regardless of whether they specialize in beef or dairy, cull cattle play a vital role in their operations. As animals mature, cease reproduction, or encounter health issues, integrating culling decisions into the optimal management practices of an operation yields benefits for both animal welfare and the producer's financial performance.

“Managing cull cattle to be in good condition, sound and fit to transport will increase their value significantly,” Patterson remarked. “The animals leaving our ranching operations are not merely financial assets but also represent a class of cattle that need and deserve as much care as any other animal on the operation.”

As per the 2022 National Beef Quality Audit, the market cow and bull segment presents an alternative product and additional value to animals once their initial purpose becomes obsolete. While market cows and bulls are traditionally linked with ground beef production during product fabrication, the industry has increasingly recognized that certain individuals within this category possess the potential to produce valuable primals suitable for fabrication and sale as retail cuts, catering to both consumers and the restaurant sector.


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