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The New Ace in the Hole for Auger Control

10 Sep 2023

imageWhen handling and transferring grain, seed or granular fertilizer, the two key goals for farmers are speed and safety. The new 1000 Auger Ace from Yetter Farm Equipment features a hydraulic cylinder that allows for safe, quick and easy side-to-side positioning of an auger or conveyor in relation to the storage container or bin intake hole.

The Auger Ace mounts on the auger or conveyor axle, which allows the operator to control the side-to-side position by raising and lowering the axle hydraulically, allowing for placement of the auger or conveyor discharge spout over the intake hole of the bin or silo. "Because it is hydraulically controlled, you can use the tractor hydraulics to adjust the discharge position without ever leaving the seat," said Jim Lascelles, service manager. "You don’t need to go and get a hydraulic jack when you have to side shift or reposition the auger."

The Auger Ace features universal mounting brackets for augers or belt conveyors used in agriculture, fertilizer and other industries to transfer material into bins and silos. The Auger Ace saves time and the difficulty of positioning filling equipment to the storage container or bin.

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