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New AGCO 9255 DynaFlex Draper Header Available for 2016 Harvest

10 Sep 2023

imageAGCO Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, introduces the new 9255 DynaFlex® draper header for Gleaner®,Massey Ferguson® and Challenger® combines. Building upon the success of the proven model 9250 DynaFlex draper header, the 9255 features a fully flexible cutter bar and 12 degrees of hydraulic tilt for the cutter bar and draper belt plus new features to increase reliability and durability for maximum harvesting uptime and efficiency.


“As crop genetics increase yields and farm sizes increase, growers are challenged to harvest more acres each day and sometimes they face less than ideal crop conditions,” says Caleb Schleder, tactical marketing manager for AGCO. “The enhancements to our new 9255 DynaFlex draper header are designed to help producers of soybeans, cereal crops, milo and canola harvest quickly and efficiently even when facing tough and matted or tangled crops.”

Heavy-duty reel assemble improves crop feeding

To improve crop feeding in any conditions, the model 9255 offers a completely redesigned, larger and sturdier six-bat single-piece reel assembly. It has heavier, larger diameter tubes and heavy-duty tines to separate and move heavy tangled crops gently onto the 41-inch wide draper belts without wrapping crop material around the reel, for smooth efficient feeding.

The 9255 draper header also is equipped with a mechanically driven flywheel sickle-drive gearbox. This drive system employs a gearbox with a flywheel to maintain cutter bar speed and momentum rather than a gearbox with swinging counterbalance weight found in a traditional wobble box. The new design adds strength to the drive system, improving reliability to maximize uptime. Additionally, the flywheel design allows the end skid and header end panel to be approximately 3 inches narrower on each end compared to previous models. Slimmer panels reduce crop damage and loss in uncut standing crop as the header passes by. For optimum torque and cutting power, all except the 25-foot model use a dual sickle-drive mechanism, mechanically driven from each end of the header.

Improved end skid design for improved float, reduced wear

The end skids also have a new thicker design, reducing wear and increasing their service life. The angle and radius of the end skid has been optimized to ride flatter on the ground, increasing the “footprint” of the skid. In addition larger hydraulic lines deliver the pressure and control to improve float suspension, leading to more constant ground pressure. The improved footprint spreads out the ground pressure more evenly, reducing the wear at the rear of the skid shoe.

The 9255 is available in 25, 30, 35 and 40 foot models providing a flexible draper header to match any customer’s requirement. For more information, visit your nearest AGCO dealer or visit


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