A New Brand Identity For Jamesway

11 Oct 2018

Valmetal Group unveils the new logo for its Jamesway Farm Equipment division.

The Valmetal Group is unifying its ranges of feeding equipment (Valmetal) and manure handling systems (Jamesway) under a single brand. The Jamesway brand was created in 1912 and was acquired in 2006 by the Valmetal Group. Jamesway manure handling equipment will soon begin a transition to the Valmetal brand, presenting a single, strong brand name as the leader in on-farm material handling equipment. The product line includes a wide range of equipment for feed & manure handling, including fully automated and robotic systems.

In Canada and in the United States, equipment will continue to be distributed through the existing dealer networks. For international markets, the range of manure handling equipment that was previously only offered under the private label of a major European milking equipment company will now also be distributed under the Valmetal brand.

Here is the new branding of the manure handling equipment:


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