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New Holland's Guardian SP310F Wins Machine of the Year Brazil

01 May 2024

New Holland has claimed the Machine of the Year Brazil 2024/2025 award in the Spraying Machines category with its Guardian SP310F high-performance sprayer. This victory marks a significant milestone for the company during Agrishow 2024, Latin America's largest agricultural fair. The Guardian SP310F, equipped with a front boom, stands out as the sole sprayer of its kind in Brazil.

Recognized by a panel of technical experts, the Guardian SP310F impressed with its cutting-edge features and contribution to agricultural efficiency and sustainability. Evaluated on criteria encompassing functionality, performance, ethics, sustainability, and transformative potential, the Guardian SP310F emerged as a clear winner.

Designed to cover extensive crop areas, the Guardian SP310F boasts a front spray boom width ranging from 36.6 to 40.2 meters (120 to nearly 132 feet), along with a suite of onboard technologies. This configuration enhances precision and safety in agricultural operations, enabling farmers to achieve superior results.

Unique among Brazilian sprayers, the Guardian SP310F's front boom ensures immediate and accurate application, optimizing field control. Its advanced suspension system and onboard technology facilitate high-speed operations without compromising quality or safety, potentially boosting operational income by up to 50 percent.

Equipped with a comprehensive high-tech package tailored for precision farming, the Guardian SP310F features the IntelliView12 monitor for remote access and fleet management. Connected to the FieldOps customer portal, this sprayer offers enhanced support and control, backed by the IntelliCentre's specialized monitoring services.

Moreover, the Guardian SP310F's design emphasizes functionality and adaptability, allowing for optimal weight distribution and versatile clearance options. With a stainless-steel tank boasting a capacity of 4,500 liters (1,188 gallons) and a powerful FPT NEF6/6.7 liter Tier 4B engine generating 289 hp, this sprayer ensures extended operational autonomy and efficient performance.


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