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New Law On Fertilizer, Manure Applications Explained - Ohio State University

10 Sep 2023

Photo From OSUFarmers who want to learn more about the new Ohio law passed last week intended to control algae production in Lake Erie and its western basin can find a detailed explanation in a blog post written by an agricultural law expert and a manure expert with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.

In the post, Peggy Hall, Ohio State University Extension’s agricultural and resource law field specialist, and Glen Arnold, OSU Extension field specialist in manure management, detail some of the provisions in Senate Bill 1, including:

  • Fertilizer application restrictions in the western basin
  • Manure application restrictions in the western basin
  • Exemptions for small and medium operations
  • Certification requirements for persons using manure from Confined Animal Feeding Facilities
  • Implementation review

“The final legislation contains several new provisions that weren’t in earlier versions of the bill,” Hall said. “Farmers can refer to the blog post as a resource to understand how the new law will impact them.”

The information is part of the latest edition of OSU Extension’s Crop Observation and Recommendation Network newsletter and is online at

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