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The New Rhino flex-Wing Has Been Unleashed!

10 Sep 2023

imageRhino’s Flex-Wing cutters are designed for performance, reliability, and value. With seven models to choose from and 50 years experience, they know how to make them durable enough for any use.

Some of the new features include the patent-pending, unique cast blade pan. Engineered for outstanding strength and durability, it also provides improved reliability in connecting to the gearbox; greater access to service areas; and smooth, quiet operation. The improved gearbox design, which includes a more stable driveshaft-to-blade-carrier design, offers more torque with the same horsepower than previous models. Rhino has also added a new pivot hitch with a locking clevis for easier hookup and full 360° safety protection around driveline joints that still allow quick access for maintenance.

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