New Roller Guides And Short Guards Improve The Easy Cut II Cutterbar System Even More

27 Aug 2019

Despite all technological advances around the combine and platform, the cutting system is still the first part to touch your crop and determines your harvest success. Group Schumacher understands the importance of having a superior cutting system, which is why they announced two new improvements on the Schumacher Easy Cut II Cutterbar System.


The new SCH top and bottom roller guides allow more flexibility on the platform while decreasing the likelihood of material buildup around the rollers.

As before, they continue to reduce the friction on the knifeback and allows the knife to run more smoothly. It also results in less knife load and power requirements for the knife drive or wobble box.

The new short SCH EasyCut guards improve crop flow in no-till soybeans. They are recommended for flex grain platforms.

Schumacher Easy Cut II Cutterbar Conversion Kit is a universal cutting system that can be used in any type of crop. With the use of spring steel guards, completely hardened sections and roller guides, the Easy Cut II cutting system combines high quality and wear-resistant components to provide the most innovative knife system in the market today. The Easy Cut II system eliminates the need for any adjustments, meaning more uptime and less maintenance.

S.I. Distributing has over 30 years of experience in offering SCH products.



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