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No More Flat Tires

10 Sep 2023

imageCenter Pivots have become common in farming throughout the United States in the past 50 years. Like in most industries today, technology creates more efficiency in our life and workplace. Mach 2 Center Pivot Tires is that company. In 2009 Mach 2 developed a non pneumatic tire to help farmers eliminate costly flats in the field.

In 2010 Seljan Company purchased Mach 2 and re-engineered the tire to become more durable and added a new tread design and 14 sizes so every pivot owner had the Mach 2 advantage. After 6 years under new ownership and developing a partnership with Reinke Irrigation, Mach 2 has become the leader in the no flat center pivot industry.


Mach 2 is proud to introduce its newest tread design to its line up. After years of research and development Mach 2 is introducing Trac 3 to its incredible line up. Trac 3 is a less aggressive tread design which allows farmers with loose sandy soils the same benefit others have had for nearly two decades. Its unique wash board design allows more surface area on the ground which helps reduce rutting and still provides that Mach 2 assurance of eliminating flats. All of Mach 2 tires come with a UV 12+ inhibitor to insure years of maintenance free tire costs and a 7 year manufacturers Warranty.


As the leader in no flat center pivot tires, Mach 2 now boasts over 14 sizes in three tread designs which allows pivot owners to customize not only each pivot but also  each tower to match their soil type. Trac 3 in a 14.9 x 24 is available at dealers nationwide this spring . To find your closest dealer visit .


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