Planter Pro NINJA Row Cleaner Can Handle Any Residue for Smoother Ride

25 Nov 2015


imageA new model has enhanced the popular Planter Pro row cleaner line by Ag Focus LLC. It’s called the Planter Pro NINJA, and it handles the toughest residue and further reduces row unit bounce.

“We combined our patented trailing arm with pneumatic adjustment with sharpened, intersecting wheels to make the ultimate row cleaner,” says Bruce Freed, AgFocus’ product manager.

Freed says that the patented trailing arm is the foundation of the NINJA’s success. Monitoring technologies prove the NINJA’s consistently improves row unit rides 5-10% over other row cleaners. 

To the already superior performance of the Planter Pro, the NINJA adds a pair of sharpened, leading-edge wheels. This leading-edge will cut residue at and below the soil surface. And because of its bolt-on face plate, the NINJA fits any planter on the market and will clear all hydraulic and pneumatic downforce brackets. The trailing arm works on all planter row widths. The Planter Pro NINJA is available for factory-direct farmer sales at $495 per unit.

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