Product "Converts" Rust to Solid Coating

25 May 2021
If you have rusted equipment or tools, instead of trying to remove the  rust, consider “converting” the rust - never to return again. 

That’s what Black Star Rust Converter does according to Steve Cotsalas,  president of, which manufactures Black Star and other  chemical products for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). 

“Black Star chemically reacts with iron oxide to form a hard, black  polymer resin that can be used as a final coat or as a primer,” Cotsalas  says. Black Star was developed in 1989 for the marine industry on Long  Island. Since then it has been used by the Coast Guard, for undercoating  salt spreaders, on bridges, cruise ships, and more. 

“In the agriculture market, many farmers and ranchers use Black Star  on fences, grain bins, propane tanks, barn and shed roofs and on the inside  and underside of stock trailers,” he says. “It also works in farrowing pens  and chicken coops. Vets use  

Black Star in areas where there is animal waste.”  Cotsalas notes that there are other less expensive rust converter products on the market. But Black Star stands out in a couple of ways. 

“The difference is Black Star is a very stable conver sion that won’t reoxidize. You don’t need to do it again in 12 months. We  guarantee our product will never reoxidize,” he says. “Also, it’s water based  as required by the Navy & Coast Guard.”, so there are no fumes. Black Star eliminates the need for excessive grinding or sandblasting. “We recommend power washing to remove flaky rust & peeling paint, let  dry and then apply Black Star,” Cotsalas says. The “tight” rust will convert. The resin-like material can be left alone or top-coated with oil or  solvent-based paint, stain or epoxies. They bond better than water-based  paints, he notes. sells Black Star Rust Converter in large containers  popular with municipalities and companies, but also has aerosol cans,  quarts and gallon jugs. 


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