Product Prevents Mosquitoes from Landing on Water, Laying Eggs

09 May 2016

imageMosquitoes must drink water to hydrate, and female mosquitoes also need water on which to lay their eggs. Flower pot saucers, old tires, rain gutters and birdbaths are common mosquito breeding grounds. Mosquito Free Water from CareFree Enzymes, Inc. eliminates water tension, which prevents mosquitoes from being able to land on the water to lay eggs or drink. According to the company, when sprayed in water, this product causes mosquitoes to sink and drown, eliminating the entire life cycle (egg, larvae, pupa and adult). Mosquito Free Water is an all-natural product, and all ingredients meet EPA requirements as a minimum-risk pesticide under the 25(b) FIFRA. The water is 100% safe for animals to drink and is free of synthetic chemicals. Product sizes are 8, 16, 33.9 and 138 fl. oz.

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