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ProGrip Livestock Solutions LLC

10 Sep 2023

imageA little background info on our company, ProGrip Livestock Solutions LLC,  is that we have been in business for a little over a year and a half now, we are all ag students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and part of the Engler Entrepreneurship Program. We started the company with the main goal to serve the livestock industry and help producers prevent slippage in their working facilities all while finding an alternative solution to throwing worn tires into a land fill. We quickly realized that our mats had many more applications than just in front of cattle chutes and now we are trying to expand into the forestry, pipeline and construction industries because our mats work great for providing traction to vehicles and equipment as well as protecting the land from getting rutted up and asphalt from being chopped up when crossing with tracked equipment. our mats can be used for stream crossings to protect the bottom as well as temporary boat ramps for recreational applications. ProGrip offers three grades of mats to match the customer’s durability needs as well as their budgets. We are based here out of Lincoln, Nebraska but can ship anywhere. 


ProGrip Livestock Solutions, LLC 
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