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ProTrakker Making Strip Till Production More Successful

10 Sep 2023

imageWhile increasingly more growers are finding strip till practices advantageous to their yields and the overall economics of their farming operations, ProTrakker is growing in popularity as a key piece for successful strip till crop production. Combined with active implement guidance systems, the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch allows superior control and accuracy in field operations making strip-till farming much easier and more accurate.

The ability to put in strips and then hit the strip zone when planting with sub-inch accuracy, no matter the landscape, is essential to maximizing the benefits of strip till and was a key consideration during the development of ProTrakker. Growers are also finding that the hydraulic hitch’s ability to help create perfect rows greatly eliminates overlap when doing passes with chemical, fertilizer and seed, resulting in reduced expenses and increased operational efficiency. Additionally, ProTrakker is helping farmers eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking, further increasing yields.

“Growers need an extremely high level of accuracy along with repeatability across seasons to make the strip till theory work,” said Cory Miller, President of ProTrakker. “Our customers are telling us that ProTrakker is helping them have much more success preserving soil structure and realizing the overall benefits of strip till production.”

ProTrakker puts growers in control of their implement with precision GPS steering and sub-inch accuracy. With three available models and a variety of applications, ranging from planters to sprayers to strip-till machines, ProTrakker can work with virtually any setup.

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