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ProTrakker Showcases Latest Tillage Technology

10 Sep 2023

imageThe PoTrakker hydraulic hitch guidance system has been a featured product at several trade shows across the Midwest, demonstrating the latest technology designed to optimize nutrients and moisture.

“As producers look to increase profitability and preserve resources, more investigate low- or no-till options, said ProTrakker president, Cory Miller. “ Our role is to educate and inform the growers of the technology available to meet their needs.”

A proven system for controlling implement drift, ProTrakker is available in models that either set to adjust automatically with sidehills or link to track with your GPS. ProTrakker was a featured vendor at the following shows:

  • Crossroads GPS Customer Appreciation Day, York, Neb.
  • First Annual Phelps Expo in Iowa Falls
  • Total Ag Industries show in Hillsboro, N.D.

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