The Safety Zone Calf Catcher is the Best Partner During Calving Season

24 Nov 2015

imageIf you own an ATV or UTV and have cattle, Safety Zone Calf Catchers has an attachment to make working with young calves safer and easier with no extra labor.

The calf catcher is an all-welded, durably constructed steel cage that mounts with ball hitches on the front and back. It works well in all types of terrains and conditions.

With the front gate locked open, the driver approaches the calf and captures it in the 4’ wide by 5’ high cage that is either 6 ½’ long (ATV) or 9 ½’ long (UTV), depending on the unit, by shutting the spring-loaded gate. The producer enters the pen through the open side and moves the calf to the rear holding area where he can tag, vaccinate, weigh, and even band the babies while protected from the mother cow. When finished the producer, from the inside of the cage, releases the calf out the back to its mother.

“With our calf catcher unit, one person can catch calves, even if they are a week or older when they have plenty of run in them,” Dan Leo, president of the firm. “Another benefit is the calf holder located at the back of the catcher. It not only secures the calf for processing, but works very well for pairing out, as the cow can see and smell her baby and will then easily follow to another pasture or calving barn in inclement weather.”

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