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Schweiss Doors Introduces New Strap Latch System For Bi-Fold Doors

10 Sep 2023


imageSchwiess Doors has introduced what the company considers a major breakthrough in the bi-fold door industry with its new Automatic Strap Latch. The Automatic Strap Latch is a totally functional and simple strap latch system that provides an “all-strap” and “only-strap” bi-fold door.

Innovators at Schweiss recognized that straps used for lifting could be designed to also be responsible for latching. The Automatic Strap Latch system eliminates the need for the frequent maintenance required for cable lift bi-fold doors, including fraying, breaking, and over wrapping.

The Automatic Strap Latch system opens quicker, is easier to adjust, and is safer and quieter than cable lift doors because it is manufactured with 90 percent fewer parts. Straps secure the door in all positions: open, closed and anywhere in between, even in gusts of wind during operation.

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