Single Phase Power Solutions Partners with Cornell Pumps

10 Sep 2023
CINCINNATI – Single Phase Power Solutions (SPPS) has partnered with  Cornell Pumps to incorporate their pumps and pump monitoring systems  with SPPS engineered pump systems that us the SPPS large horsepower  single-phase BELLE™ Motor. Availability of these proven pumping  solutions enhances SPPS’ capabilities to deliver higher horsepower, single 

phase pump solutions for a wide range of industries and applications using  readily available single-phase utility service. It is often prohibitively expen sive to extend three-phase power, forcing customers to choose diesel-driven  solutions with high operating costs or unreliable phase converters over the  electric-driven pumps. This new partnership with Cornell allows Single  Phase Power Solutions to better design pump-and-motor combinations to  suit site-specific needs, with no harmonics, no reliability issues, and no  tuning required.  

 “Cornell Pumps is one of the best pump manufacturers in the country,  and we’re excited to partner with them and incorporate their products in our  large horsepower single-phase pump systems,” said SPPS President Drew  Abbott. “Incorporating their robust products and technology allows us to  add even more capabilities and performance to our customers. The ability  to add remote monitoring of pumps through their app is an example of  best-in-class technology, which customers have come to expect from both  Cornell and Single Phase Power Solutions.” 

 The partnership with Cornell provides substantial customer benefits,  including pump systems that provide “out of the box” functionality upon  delivery. Remote monitoring via the proprietary Cornell Co-PilotTM app  allow users to monitor pump functions such as flow, temperature, pressure,  vibration, location and more and helps customers reduce manual inspections and operate more efficiently. 

Single Phase Power Solutions, manufacturer of the world’s only large  horsepower single-phase motor, produces engineered pumping solutions  for their agricultural and industrial partners in irrigation, fluid, and waste  transfer applications. Their patented Written-Pole® technology delivers  a robust and reliable solution for agricultural, industrial, municipal, oil &  gas, and emerging market applications that need large horsepower output  but only have access to a single-phase power line. They manufacture a  full range of large horsepower single-phase motors up to 100 HP as well  as their 1to3™ Power Source that generates three-phase power from a  single-phase line. 


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