10 Sep 2023


(Cincinnati, OH) – Single Phase Power Solutions introduces a 75 hp single-phase electric motor to power industrial equipment like irrigation pumps, conveyors, grain dryers, and many types of industrial or commercial machinery. The Belle Single-Phase Motor™ uses Written-Pole® tech­nology to deliver a 75 hp single-phase motor that is compatible with readily available single-phase utility services. The utility-friendly starting and operating characteristics provided using Written-Pole® technology mini­mize voltage sags and flicker on long single-phase distribution lines. Ideal for industrial applications in areas where three-phase power is not readily available or cost-effective, this revolutionary technology eliminates the need for phase converters or complex variable frequency drive installations.

Featuring a totally enclosed fan-cooled design in a cast iron frame, this proven design is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation in some of the most demanding environments and applications. Rated as a 75 hp, 460 v, 1800 rpm electric motor, this innovative design delivers 95.0% efficiency at rated load with a near-unity power factor. The NEMA 445T frame motor weighs about 1,920 pounds and draws just 170 amps at full load.

The motor windings are fabricated using high-grade copper and Class H insulation materials similar to those used in premium three-phase elec­tric motors. The revolutionary design eliminates brushes, slip-rings and internal rotary switches, ensuring superior performance and reliability under harsh conditions.

Available in ratings from 30 - 100 hp, Belle Motors™ are ideal for many industrial, agricultural, mining, municipal, and oil& gas applications such as pumps, compressors, injection wells, as well as blowers, fans, dryers, water & wastewater processing and more.


The starting current draw of a Belle Motor™ is less than two times its rated full-load current, resulting in a starting demand that is less than 1/4 of conventional single or three-phase electric induction motor. The soft-start design, accomplished without reduced-voltage starting, dramat­ically increases the maximum horsepower rating that may be started and operated on rural single-phase utility distribution systems.


Due to their synchronous operation, Belle Motors™ achieve levels of energy efficiency comparable to premium-efficiency three-phase motors, reducing energy bills and operating costs when compared to three-phase motors operated with phase-converters or stationary diesel engines often used to power rural applications.

Each factory-assembled and tested, industrial-grade Belle Motor™ Control Panel contains all the control components required to start and operate a Belle Motor™. Their simple design and spacious outdoor rated control cabinet allow for easy field installation using local electricians. High-grade industrial control components are used in a capacitor start/run configuration that uses intelligent logic to optimize starting and running performance. Over-temperature, under-speed and over-load protection supported by intelligent diagnostics are also included as standard features in every control panel, further easing installation and ensuring long-term reliability in the field.


The inherent soft-start characteristics of Belle Motors™ provide low starting demands and flexible starting characteristics that are compatible with utility power quality requirements. The low in-rush, soft-start design allows many high inertia loads to be started without overheating and support the capability for instantaneous restarts following momentary power interrup­tions without risking damage to driven equipment.


A Belle Motor™ can serve as a cost-effective replacement of stationary engines used to power many rural applications. The ability to use readily available single-phase utility services for electric motors up to 100 hp allows for a 50-75% reduction in energy costs, simplified environmental compliance, reduced maintenance requirements and superior long-term performance. Re-fueling schedules and monitoring are no longer a concern when using Belle MotorsTM.

Single Phase Power Solutions manufactures the world’s only large horse­power single phase motor. Their use of patented Written-Pole® technology delivers a robust and reliable solution for many agricultural, industrial, municipal, oil & gas, and emerging market applications requiring large horse­power motors. This capability frees customers from the restrictions of only having access to a single-phase power line. In addition to a full range of Belle Motors™ from 30 to 100 hp, Single-Phase Power Solutions also manufactures a 1-to-3 MicroGrid solution that generates clean, high-quality three-phase power from a single-phase line for packaged equipment requiring a three-phase power source.


For additional information visit www.sppowersolutions.com, or write sales@sppowersolutions.com, or Single Phase Power Solutions, LLC, 5460 Muddy Creek Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45238, or call (877) 430-5634.


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