Till at Speeds of 10-15 Mph with Kwik-Till Disk

07 Mar 2016

imageIdeal for spring seedbed preparation and fall tillage, Kwik-Till is a new high speed tillage disk from Norwood Sales. Available in 16- to 45-ft.-wide models, Kwik-Till can be operated at speeds of 10-15 mph per hour. The rows of discs are mounted on bars with rubber torsion suspension system, allowing the discs to follow the land contour, skate over obstructions and spring back to operating position. A cage or rubber roller or spring packer behind the discs levels the surface. Other features include:





·         Goodyear Superflot AG tires

·         Enclosed greaseless disc hub

·         Hydraulic jack

·         Option of 20” notched or plain concave discs

·         Option of spring basket feature


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