Venieri Wheeled Backhoe Loaders Deliver High Productivity

17 Dec 2019

VF-Venieri earth moving machines, introduced to the U.S. market by importer Applied Machinery Sales (AMS), offers wheeled backhoe loaders – VF1.33B, VF10.33C, VF8.23F, VF10.23D – with several features and benefits that increase job site versatility and efficiency.

imageThe Venieri difference
For better weight distribution over the axles, engines are in a transverse position under the cab. This placement improves longitudinal/transverse stability and supplies a lower center of gravity. Plus, the center engine placement means no engine hood, making load discharge more effective. The radiator is located on the side of the frame. This placement stops debris from clogging the radiator and eliminates engine power reduction. The 2-speed cooling fan provides cleaner airflow for higher efficiency.

Venieri uses a "Z" linkage set-up which increases the backhoe loaders' breakout force. This configuration boosts an operator's sight lines on the load and surrounding environment. The enclosed cab, with its 360° viewing and heat/AC, is easy to access. Venieri's multifunctional joystick and accessible console enhance the machines' simple operations.

Venieri backhoe loaders, with their quick disconnect, are compatible with multiple attachments. Venieri's Power Management System (PMS) imageensures, with the engine at maximum RPM, maximum oil flows to the attachment, which in turn supplies increased power to the attachment. Plus, the backhoe unit can be completely removed for other optional attachments, such as salt spreaders.

Hydraulic side-shift and articulation
The hydraulic side-shift is standard on three of the available backhoe loaders. Within the cab, an operator can safely and strategically move the backhoe side-to-side with the push of one button and the working of one lever. This feature simplifies the placement of the bucket for specific digging within tight work sites such as up against walls and sidewalks in parallel.

All of the above standard features are available in the rigid VF10.33C and the articulated VF8.23F and VF10.23D models with their 40-45° articulation. This articulation is beneficial when encountering unfriendly soil conditions (such as sand or heavy muddy soil), and tight job sites.

imageThe compact VF1.33B is in a class by itself. Within its compact footprint (12'3" x 4'7" x 7'4") it offers a higher than expected breakout force, ease of operation, and the same attachment versatility as the other Venieri wheeled backhoe loaders.

When looking for a backhoe loader with more versatility, AMS-Venieri delivers with its innovative earthmoving equipment. Contact a local dealer or Applied Machinery Sales for more information. See the full line of Venieri machinery at



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