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Versatile Releases New Aluminum Boom For Self-Propelled Sprayers

10 Sep 2023

imageVersatile is excited to announce the addition of a 120’ aluminum boom to the line of self-propelled sprayers. The Versatile self-propelled sprayer line boasts an impressive boom system with an extreme-duty design. First introduced in 2014, the SX240 and SX280 models will now have a new boom option for maximum field coverage.

The boom was built with the most efficient strength-to-weight lattice-style construction. Creating a lighter boom was one of the main goals. A weight reduction of roughly 500 lbs. gives the boom more reliability and ease of control by causing less momentum and movements at any speed while driving through varied terrain.

The left hand boom rest rotates 180 degrees; inset for shipping width considerations, and then easily rotated out for field mode. These changes will reduce complexity and shipping challenges for dealers and customers. The 60/120 combo boom is a single fold of primary and secondary sections. Catwalk railings will now be removed and conveniently stored for transport.

Superior structural integrity was the idea behind creating the 120’ aluminum boom. The use of a single piece arched top extrusion provides a far superior design to the ‘single’ welded tubes typically found on competitors’ products. This uses 1/3 fewer welds and provides a greater cross sectional area for improved strength, durability and boom component placement.

Precision engineered welds have been optimally placed to reduce the chance of any cracks that may lead to unnecessary maintenance and/or service. Mild steel has been integrated into all high stress areas and front boom rests, as well as precisely cut aluminum extrusions to optimize weld surface areas within the structure and additional weld joints that have been positioned on the flats of the extrusions in an optimal position.

All tubular sections have now been drilled at the lowest points, this will allow an easy escape route for any potential accumulation of water; virtually eliminating the chance of future cracks due to internal freezing.

The field-proven design of the Pro-Action Flex technology is integrated with the reliability and strength of the new 120’ aluminum boom. This technology absorbs energy and enhances boom stability. Threeway breakaways (forward, back and up) were created to handle all potential contact to extend the reliability of the boom. These changes mean a better return on investment over time.


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