Wind Energy: A Worthy Investment?

16 Feb 2024

Have you noticed your electrical bills getting cheaper over the years? Neither have we! There are few certainties in life, but one of them seems to be that energy bills will continue to rise with our age. 

There are some alternatives that could save you some money though, and wind energy could be one to consider.

Why Wind?

Aside from the potential long-term financial savings, wind power allows you to “own your own power.” Think of it like this: Would you rather own your own home or rent? Would you rather pay a monthly mortgage that goes toward building equity in a long-term asset that will increase in value over time, or would you rather pay a monthly rent payment, which is gone forever as soon as you hand it over?

The same can be said for paying a monthly electric bill – that money is gone as soon as you submit the payment. With wind power, however, you can replace most, if not all of your electric bill with wind energy, which makes it an investment that will see immediate value and will likely pay above-market returns for decades to come.

The Excel 15

Bergey Windpower’s latest turbine, the Excel 15, combines decades of research with an innovative design and technological advances that make it one of the most reliable wind turbines ever produced. And, in the Midwest, the Excel 15 has been able to take advantage of the great wind resource and deliver monthly electrical savings of anywhere from $400-$700 for its owners.

Those considering wind energy may also be able to take advantage of recent legislation that has essentially doubled the government incentives that could allow for a return-on-investment to be less than a year. These incentives include a 50% Federal Investment Tax Credit and a 50% USDA REAP Grant. In addition, the turbine can be depreciated under Section 179, allowing for up to $90,000 in first-year tax savings for its owner.

Background on Bergey Windpower

Bergey is based in Norman, Oklahoma, and was founded in 1977 by Karl Bergey, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, and his son Mike, current President of the Distributed Wind Energy Association. To date, Bergey has shipped over 10,000 wind turbines to all 50 states and over 120 countries.

One of the Excel 15’s predecessors, the Excel 10, was introduced in 1983 and became the gold standard for small wind turbines. Around six years ago, Bergey Windpower, supported by funding from the Department of Energy, began the development of what would become the Excel 15, which inforporates the latest developments in power electronics, direct-drive alternator design and a carbon fiber blade technology to deliver a 50-year design life and no scheduled maintenance other than a bi-annual inspection. 

American Windpower

American Windpower is Bergey’s largest dealer and one of the largest small wind systems dealers in North America. They have developed a 100-foot “tilt-up” tower that allows the system to be installed without a crane and also incorporates the use of power installed helical anchors, which help reduce installation costs.

“For over 40 years we've helped America's Farmers reduce energy costs and reduce their taxes while promoting a cleaner environment for their children and grandchildren,” said Cathy May, Sales Director for American Windpower.

The company currently has over 60 Excel 15’s being installed throughout the Midwest, including Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about an investment in wind power, you can contact American Windpower for a personalized wind investment benefit analysis. 


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