Antique Tractor Guide

In it's 19th year of publication, Antique Tractor Guide is a reliable source of information on antique tractor values, crawlers and combines dating back through 1974 for tractors and back through 1979 on combines.

The Hot Line Antique Tractor Guide will give you the inside edge to pricing, buying and selling antique tractors. In this easy-to-use guide you will have the real world information and data you need to make an informed decision on a tractor without the guess work and bias from dealers or other so-called "experts" in the field. Take charge of your buying and selling, get the best deal and walk away knowing exactly what an antique tractor was worth in today's market.

Also included are model descriptions as well as history information on threshing manufacturers. For help to identify the correct tractor color during restorations Hot Line Antique Tractor Guide includes the antique paint color history and codes.

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Why the Antique Tractor Guide?

The information provided in the Antique Tractor Guide includes:

  • Over 550 pages of  antique equipment and antique tractor values information
  • Serial numbers -  correctly identify the actual year
  • Location of serial numbers -  locate the serial number on the equipment easily
  • Specifications - years manufactured, quantity made, engine, bore and stroke, etc.
  • Over 95 antique manufacturers
  • Over 1400 models
  • Over 90 pages of auction and retail pricing on antique equipment
  • Used nationwide by collectors, restoration shops, repair shops, banks and other related businesses.
  • Compiled alphabetically by manufacturer, then by model - for faster and easier ability to look up a particular model by the novice or the pro