Blackstar Rust Converter Before and After Application

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Black Star Rust Converter Before and After Application- kills rust in one easy step guaranteed!  Use Black Star Rust Converter on any rusting iron/steel surface- Metal roofs, cars, trucks, tools, boats, trailers, tractors, fences, doors, rails, you name it!

Black Star converts rust to a paintable inert compound that will not re-rust, guaranteed!   Works in seconds-Lasts for years! No need for sandblasting, wire-wheeling or grinding!

Used by thousands of farmers, ranchers, municipalities, US Navy & Coast Guard, cruise lines, auto shops and commercial business applications worldwide!

Black Star Rust Converter is perfect for: stock trailers, fertilizer wagons & spreaders, grain bins, barn/shed roofs, pick-up trucks, tillers, discs, corrosive environments, farm & field equipment, sheds, metal roofs, storage tanks, fences, vehicle bodies.. You name it! Click here for more info!