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Introducing The Ez Oil Drain Valve For Farm Tractors!

The EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces the conventional oil drain plugs to simplify oil changing. Once installed, just turn the lever to drain oil. It's that easy. Turn the lever back to close position, and it locks closed to prevent accidental openings. The valve is solid brass construction with chrome plated brass ball valve, nickel plated for extra protection. Optional Hose Ends can be added to enable connection to a hose, for clean and spill free oil draining. L-shaped Hose End is available...

Ag Leader Builds Upon AgFiniti Platform With Tools To Connect The Operation And Aid In Decision Making On The Go

AGFINITI® ADDS LIVE FIELD INFORMATION AND ACTIVITY TRACKING, PLUS PRESCRIPTION AND ANALYTICS TOOLS AND EXPANDED COMPATIBILITY ACROSS MOBILE DEVICESIn 2019, Ag Leader has introduced several new tools to its full-farm connectivity platform, AgFiniti. These tools are aimed at connecting the entire operation, making it possible for all people, displays and devices to have access to the right information at the right time, boosting productivity while adding confidence to the many decisions made...

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Bale Accumulators

Small hay bales have steadily grown in demand due to ease of portability and hay quality.Large agriculture equipment companies have responded with higher output balers, which only leave the bale on the ground for manual pickup, stacking and movement. Bale Accumulators answers the producers' problem by creating a one-man baling system.Want more information on a particular product? Contact information is listed below each Product Spotlight.

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Are Cover Crops Right for Your Operation?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before taking the plungeAre cover crops all peaches and cream? Not exactly, say the experts. Cover crops can improve soil health, including increased infiltration, organic matter and biological activity, as well as reduce soil erosion and compaction. Add in a greater ability to reduce nutrient loss, and it is easy to see why cover crops are popular.

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Purdue Students Launch Drone Startup To Help Reduce Farming Costs

Aerial Agriculture LLC, a startup company launched by Purdue University students, aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by building drones in-house to capture multispectral images of entire crop fields. This technology could allow farmers to reduce excess fertilizer and input costs while simultaneously increasing yields. Aerial Agriculture LLC, a tech startup founded by undergraduate students in Purdue’s College of Engineering, developed and piloted agricultural drones that can capture specialized images of entire crop fields. The drones captured images can be stitched together into maps, which are direct representations of the crops’ health. The technology ultimately reduces input costs and increases farmers’ yields.