Product Spotlight

Grain Trailers - For the Long Haul

The latest hopper trailers simplify grain transportation and handling.

Grain trailer manufacturers continue to innovate, increasing the strength and durability of their product lines while shedding weight. After all, more payload means more profit. We rounded up some of latest hopper trailers and their key features that will help you load/ unload and haul your bulk commodities more efficiently. Read more

Drainage Equipment - The latest in tile plows and ditching equipment.

In this product spotlight we have highlighted six tiling and ditching equipment systems. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their phone number and website listed below each product. Read more

Manure Spreaders - Smells Like Money. Get manure under control with the latest spreaders.

Harvest will be here before you know it, and means farmers will soon prep for fall field nutrient applications. If not applied correctly, manure can pollute the environment, including air, and water and attract pests. We looked at several of the latest "honey wagons" to help you conquer and enrich your operation's soil. Read more

Utility Task/Terrain Vehicles - Working Side by Side - The Perfect Farm Hands.

Whether you call them utility task/terrain vehicles (UTVs) or side-by-sides, these compact workhorses can haul—in more ways than one. Known for their off-road performance, payload capacity and available attachments, UTVs have made themselves at home on many farms, ranches and acreages. Some new machines can even convert their beds into more passenger seating. We took a look at several of the latest UTV models from the leading manufacturers. Read more

Alternative Heating - North Central August/September 2018

Turning Up the Heat - Which outdoor furnace is for you

  Choosing an outdoor wood furnace will give you long term benefits. You can eliminate most of your utility bill for your home and outdoor farm buildings. An outdoor furnace can heat several buildings at once as well as your domestic water. An outdoor wood furnace isn’t an installation you want to skimp on. Performance between models and companies can vary greatly.  Dozens of factors determine overall performance, but the furnace door and a good exhaust system are paramount. To increase longevity, following the manufacturers operating and maintenance instructions is important for keeping the furnace free from rust and creosote (a wood-burning by product) and are the most important things for proper maintenance. Keeping the corrosion inhibitor properly maintained is imperative.”  Read more

More Than Barns - Plains June/July 2018

These days, custom ag buildings often fill many roles.

An agricultural building is no longer just a barn. It's an equipment storage shed, warehouse, milking parlor, free stall barn, workshop, office, home or any combination of these. Whether you need a place for your machinery, your livestock or even your family, consider structures from the following manufacturers. Read more

Fabric Buildings - Plains June/July 2018

The most dependable fabric covered buildings available.

Are you looking to expand the infrastructure on your property? Do you need a structure that can be employed for multiple uses? Do you want something that can withstand Mother Nature? Then a fabric covered building may be a perfect fit. Read more

Bale Accumulators - MFG Summer 2018

Small hay bales have steadily grown in demand due to ease of portability and hay quality.

Large agriculture equipment companies have responded with higher output balers, which only leave the bale on the ground for manual pickup, stacking and movement. Bale Accumulators answers the producers' problem by creating a one-man baling system.

Want more information on a particular product? Contact information is listed below each Product Spotlight. Read more

Compact Tractors - MFG Summer 2018

Compact tractors are the top-selling machines this year for good reason.

They can handle a broad range of duties, from mowing, landscaping and material handling around the acreage, to small farm and commercial chores. We decided to take a look of some of the latest midrange compacts (28-50 engine hp). Read more


If you tend a lawn that covers a lot of area, or you need to work around some challenging obstacles, a zeroturn-radius (ZTR) mower may be the best option in your quest to keep your lawn looking great.

Whether it's time for a new mower or you're shopping for an upgrade, here a few of the latest makes and models worth considering. Read more