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Ag Growth International Inc. Acquires REM GrainVac Product Line

Ag Growth International Inc. (AGI) has entered into an agreement to acquire the REM GrainVac product line from REM Enterprises Inc. based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. REM has led the grain vacuum industry over the last 40 years and with the recent introduction of the VRX model grain vac REM is well positioned for continued leadership in this area.

REM GrainVacs are sold to growers across North America and internationally through a distribution network similar to AGI’s current portable grain handling products. REM is the recognized leader in grain vacs that fits well amongst AGI’s other leading grain handling brands, including Batco belt conveyors and Westfield and Wheatheart grain augers. Read more

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. Celebrates Golden Anniversary

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The company’s technical excellence has created competitive advantages for many of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers in the material handling, road construction, road & floor maintenance, agriculture, and infrastructure markets. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. also serves the aftermarket with material handling and agricultural specialty tires through distribution locations in Chicago and Los Angeles for its well-known brands. Read more

Art’s Way V-180 Spreader Equipped with the Digi-Star Nutrient Management System

To meet the growers’ need for managed and increased transparency of manure application, Arts’ Way now offers a Digi-Star NT460 nutrient management system as an option to its largest Roda V-series spreader, the V-180. Working in tandem with the spreader, the Digi-Star NT460 system uses on-the-go weight reading combined with travel speed and GPS coordinates to calculate and store the application for any field location. Read more

NORAC Hybrid Mode Receives 2014 AE50 Award

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recently announced NORAC SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC.’s patent pending Hybrid Mode as an AE50 award recipient. NORAC’s Hybrid Mode is recognized as one of this year’s most innovative designs for the food and agriculture industries.

Hybrid Mode, NORAC’s patent pending in-crop spraying feature eliminates the need for the operator to take manual control of the boom while spraying in adverse situations such as lodged, thin, and uneven crops. It reduces drift and promotes the efficient application of herbicides. NORAC’s Hybrid Mode is available on NORAC’s UC5TM and UC4.5 Spray Height Control systems. Read more

Load Judge Ensures Accurate, Repeatable Results While Loading Grain Into Any Trailer

The Load Judge, from Leading Edge Industries, uses patent-pending, high-tech sensors and a user-friendly smartphone or tablet app to load grain trailers with a high degree of accuracy. This new technology captures and transmits real-time data for consistent, repeatable results regardless of grain type or operating conditions, ensuring that grain haulers and farmers can achieve optimal loads that maximize the value of every trailer load.

The Load Judge system senses proximity and calculates the shape and size of the impending load, and then instantly transmits the data to a free app for the driver’s smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android). Read more

MACH II Tires Give Pivots Greater Traction

Save yourself from flat tires and stuck pivots. Mach IIs can also save you labor, time, and money! Mach II tires have been around for over 10 years. They are manufactured in our own 500,000 sq ft facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. We have the largest selection and the best warranty available in plastic tires.

The MACH II tires are 100 percent recyclable polyethylene material, which makes them tough, long lasting, and extensively resilient. MACH II tires are made to be resistant to UV rays, agricultural chemicals, and crop fertilizer.

MACH II Company, LLC • (920) 767-1212 •

Ag Growth International Announces Companywide Rebrand Initiative

Ag Growth International (AGI) is pleased to announce a rebrand initiative of its entire family of brands, to be in effect January 2014. Rebranding will ensure that all divisions and brands are linked to the parent umbrella of AGI with a consistent and familiar aesthetic while maintaining the historical value that the individual brands were built upon.

All brands will have the signature AGI icon of rolling hills and prairie fields within their logo, representing a company founded on strong rural values. The icon acts as a link to the past and a unifying characteristic of the AGI brands as the company continues to move forward and grow. Read more

Do a Double Take With the Power Linx by Marcrest Mfg

The Power Linx - Dual Power Hitch takes the PTO power from one tractor (90-150 hp) and splits it in two. Your tractor can now easily operate two balers at once. The Power Linx - Just pin up, attach PTO and go.

The short-coupled compact design allows for short cornering in swaths and headlands. Swivel gearboxes take the power to the balers and allow sharp turning with no driveline chattering. The trailing dolly design follows the ground contour well, enabling the baler pickup to make a clean sweep. Both arms independently hydraulically swing and are controlled via tractor remotes.

Marcrest Manufacturing Inc. • (519) 887-9910 •

RhinoGator Changes the Game in Pivot Tires

RhinoGator is a new generation of rugged industrial-quality, high-density plastic tire designed specifically for the daily rigors, weight, and environmental conditions that are common under pivots. Its distinctive green color is just a hint at the differences that make RhinoGator stand out.

RhinoGator is rugged and rigid—and never goes flat. RhinoGator is waterproof and will not fill up with water or mud. The tough, high-density plastic resin formulation was specifically chosen for a wide range of conditions unique to pivot systems including bearing weight, stress and torque, material consistency, ease of handling and exposure to sunlight, moisture and chemicals. RhinoGator tires are also now offered in shallow tread design. Read more

ProTrakker Making Strip Till Production More Successful

While increasingly more growers are finding strip till practices advantageous to their yields and the overall economics of their farming operations, ProTrakker is growing in popularity as a key piece for successful strip till crop production. Combined with active implement guidance systems, the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch allows superior control and accuracy in field operations making strip-till farming much easier and more accurate. Read more